Fire starts inside a Burnsville liquor store

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Red Lion Liquors in Burnsville caught fire last Sunday after vodka bottles started caught fire on the shelves, news sources report.

Vodka with its nickname firewater held true when vodka bottles on a shelf magnified sunlight and started the fire. Surveillance cameras caught the fire in action, slowly smoke emerged from the vodka display, which caused the paper sign to melt away, Fox 9 News reports.

Heat increased in intensity and caused the tops to pop off of the vodka bottles, spraying steaming liquor causing the fire to send 12-foot flames into the air. The ceiling fan fueled the flames. "It was just a freak thing," manager Dave Hautman said, Fox 9 News reports.

The interior of Red Lion Liquors was tarnished by smoke, but escaped with little permanent damage. It is closed for cleanup which is scheduled to be finished by Monday, Nov. 5, at the latest, the Burnsville Patch reports.

Occupying the current building for the past nine years, the Red Lion has been in Burnsville since 1978, prepared for burglaries but not the fire that had emerged. "It's the unexpected things that can kind of sucker punch you," Hautman said, Fox 9 News reports.

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