House explosion destroys neighborhood and kills two

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A house explosion killed two people, injured several others, leveled two homes, destroyed over two dozen others and forced the entire neighborhood to evacuate Saturday night in south Indianapolis, news sources report.

The blast shattered windows, destroyed walls and could be felt and heard at least three miles away. An estimated 31 homes were damaged to the point of needing to be demolished, officials said. Seven people were taken to the hospital after the explosion and fire and were treated for injuries, Deputy Fire Chief Kenny Bacon said, CBS News reports.

"It was like a war zone," Whitney Pflanzer told the Indianapolis Star. "It was silent after that. And it was dark and dusty, and I thought it was a nightmare - it was a nightmare." Pflanzer and her husband ware laying in bed when the explosion occurred, blowing out their windows and collapsed their ceiling, Los Angeles Times reports.

Yellow tags marked moderately damaged homes where residents were allowed back to retrieve pets, medicine and other items if escorted by a firefighter. Most people were not allowed back into their homes, and their houses were marked with red tags, USA Today reports.

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