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First lady Michelle Obama's address to the Democratic National Convention was "masterful" and heartfelt but all about the importance of government in the lives of Americans.

Reporter and political analyst Chris Wallace analyzed the speech moving beyond the presentation of the speech, diving into the content of the speech. A majority of the story was Wallace's quotes.

Wallace went beyond the event by describing and giving examples and emphasizing what or how things are government relating, showing that the speech was primarily about the government and its effects on Americans.

He even goes on to say the Michelle Obama was hypocritical while talking about Obama's vision of the "nation as one America" by "saying 'that certainly hasn't been the way this president has run the campaign, which has been quite sharp, quite partisan, quite negative."

Wallace even compared the tone and philosophy to be very different form the Republicans in Tampa. He talked about the different jobs and organizations and how all the jobs and organizations are governmental. He also brings up the inconsistencies between the first lady and the president at the end.

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