Tis the season for Ice Fishing

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Most people dread the cold, but one community can't wait for ice to gloss over the lakes, news sources report.

Ice fishing enthusiasts can't wait to make the first outing on the lakes. "Ice fishing is my life," enthusiast Dave Genez said. "I'm truly excited to get out there." And the best place to get the gear needed for the ice fishing season? The annual St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sportsman Show has any thing from the latest toys, to the warmest gear, and is the one-stop shop for ice fishermen, CBS Minnesota reports.

About 19,000 anglers are expected to attend the event along with about 190 vendors, director of operations Laurie Hallowell said. "We have everything from small tackle or lures to $85,000 fish houses," Hallowell said. However, the St. Paul show is no longer the only one in town, this year the National Sports Center in Blaine held its first Hard Water Ice Fishing Show on Nov. 16-18. About 5,100 people attended, communications officer for the center Barclay Kruse said. "We are delighted," Kruse said. "We're absolutely going to do it again next year. In fact, we are going to expand our space," StarTribune outdoors reports.

Despite the small market Blaine officials think that success for both shows is possible, Kruse said, StarTribune outdoors reports.

You can't appreciate the new ice fishing equipment until you compare it to the old, ice fisherman Genz said. Moving away from the back-breaking labor of manually drilling holes to the electric augers that do the tough stuff today. Depth finders and cameras are popular too. "It's like playing a video game, except you have live players on the other end," Genz said. The equipment changes are welcomed to the long standing Minnesota tradition, and its a tradition that keeps on thriving, CBS Minnesota reports.

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