Toddler's death prompts investigation

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A toddler died while visiting his father in Virginia last month prompting the investigation of the deaths of the man's mother and onetime girlfriend, news sources report.

Price McLeod Rams, fifteen-months, died within the unsupervised three-hour visit with his father, Joaquin S. Rams of Manassas. This is the third death involving J. Rams, leading police to investigate the 2008 suicide of his mother and 2003 shooting resulting in the death of Shawn K. Mason, his ex-girlfriend, MercuryNews reports.

J. Rams was not supposed to be allowed unsupervised visits, ordered by a Maryland judge. Prince Rams' mother Hera McLeod, fought to protect her son and prevent the unsupervised visits, but the system failed to protect the boy, McLeod said. Rams has not been charged with a crime and the cause of the boy's death is yet to be determined authorities said, Fox News reports.

Ram's mother, Alma Collins, was found dead in 2008 and her death was ruled as a suicide. Her son Joseph Velez said it made no sense that his mother killed herself. "My mother in her life never had a history of depression," Velez said. Velez described his half brother Rams as a "monster," explaining Rams' violent behavior even as a young child, MercuryNews reports.

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