Wolf hunting continues, but is limited

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Wolf hunting is nearing an end and may be limited near Yellowstone Park, news sources report.

In the first hunting season, quotas across the upper mid-west were nearly reached in the initial six weeks. The DNR's goal was to reduce the wolf population by a percentage. Debate begins on whether or not dogs can be used to hunt the wolves, "No other state in the union that has a wolf hunt uses dogs," attorney Carl Sinderband said. The DNR and hunting groups argued that the use of dogs would be vital to the hunt's success, ABC 2 reports.

Trapping season is around the corner, "we know that trappers are likely to be more successful than hunters so we expect to see a fair number of wolves taken through trapping," Steve Merchant, the DNR's wildlife population and regulation program manager said. Trappers aren't tied to a specific location, making them more successful, The Associated Press reports.

Wolves traveling just outside Yellowstone Park have been killed, including five wearing tracking collars for scientific research, the biologist for the park's wolf program Dan Stahler said. Montana wildlife commissioner Shane Colton suggested closing trapping or setting strict quotas, a commission meeting will be held Monday. "We don't want to close any area off if we don't have to. But if we keep losing collared wolves ... management becomes difficult," Colton said. "We want to do this first trapping season right," The Missoulian reports.

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