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NHL lockout large data set analysis

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The NHL Lockout 2012 has impacted many lives and businesses around the country, and there are many numbers involved.

Records and data used were in comparison from the previous years. Taking the revenue from last year and the year before, and finding the difference, therefore the percentages in the story.

Research and data search was also needed to figure out what the proposals were and their own math skills were necessary in making the idea more simplistic for the readers. Computer skills needed to do this reporting would include being able to analyze data and using excel to make sense of it.

No interactive graphics were used to engage the reader. Numbers were used to help the reader understand the reasons and impacts behind the NHL lockout.

Governmental speech news analysis

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First lady Michelle Obama's address to the Democratic National Convention was "masterful" and heartfelt but all about the importance of government in the lives of Americans.

Reporter and political analyst Chris Wallace analyzed the speech moving beyond the presentation of the speech, diving into the content of the speech. A majority of the story was Wallace's quotes.

Wallace went beyond the event by describing and giving examples and emphasizing what or how things are government relating, showing that the speech was primarily about the government and its effects on Americans.

He even goes on to say the Michelle Obama was hypocritical while talking about Obama's vision of the "nation as one America" by "saying 'that certainly hasn't been the way this president has run the campaign, which has been quite sharp, quite partisan, quite negative."

Wallace even compared the tone and philosophy to be very different form the Republicans in Tampa. He talked about the different jobs and organizations and how all the jobs and organizations are governmental. He also brings up the inconsistencies between the first lady and the president at the end.

Cultural group analysis

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The news story "Hamas wants end to blockade in cease-fire talks, official says" by CNN moves beyond stereotypes into something more substantive by using sources from the middle east and treating the story like it would be treated if it was the subject was U.S. individuals.

The war is presented as war and the ugly truth of it and without the names one wouldn't see the racial and cultural barrier. The story moves beyond the stereotype by emphasizing the attempt to reach peace and "a real stable situation." There was a mixture between sources from the U.S. and the Middle East. This mix of information and sources leads to a no stereotyped story.

Sources used to gain information included the military, Palestinian officials, Palestinian president, and U.S. President Barack Obama.

Number story analysis

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I reviewed the Los Angeles Times story "Indianapolis house explosion kills two, destroys neighborhood" where numbers were used in a few different ways.

The reporter used numbers to tell the story by informing readers how many people were injured or killed, approximately what time the explosion happened, approximately how many homes were damaged or destroyed, and the approximate cost in damages.

The numbers aren't overwhelming but rather helpful because they add to the story, allowing readers to get a grasp on the amount of damage. No math appears to have been done on this story.

The source of the numbers are from common knowledge of knowing the area, Indianapolis Fire Department officials, and spokesman for Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard Marc Lotter.

Obituary: Lloyd P. Johnson analysis

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DEE DePass of the Star Tribune wrote an obituary for Lloyd P. Johnson, who transformed Norwest Bank into a healthy and successful bank that bought Wells Fargo. See obituary here.

DePass used sources such as Johnson's COO and eventual successor Dick Kovacevich, retired Wells Fargo Minnesota President Jim Campbell, Wells Fargo's Current CEO John Stumpf. They had good insight on the story and contributed strong quotes that emphasized Johnson's legacy.

The obituary lead appears to be standard because it gets the reader curious about the legacy Johnson made on Norwest Bank. It doesn't go into detail but rather leaves the audience curious on how Johnson was able to aid the bank.

Johnson's obituary holds news value because without Johnson, Norwest was not likely to have survived. His three simple words, "Control. Profitability. Growth." was his turnaround plan. "It was so basic and so fundamental and exactly was we needed to focus on," Campbell said. Johnson transformed "Norwest from a bank with roughly $20 billion in assets in 1986 to one with $1.4 trillion in assets today." If that wasn't news worthy enough, Johnson designed a 57-floor skyscraper, and his advisory committee selected architect Cesar Pelli to build it in Johnson's legacy.

The obituary is different from a resume because it is not a regurgitation of Johnson's life but rather a detailed explanation of his legacy and impact on the Norwest Bank.

ABC News and NBC News Analysis

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Comparing two different news organizations, one can realize all the different multimedia usage and content. This content can range from anything like videos and news reports to articles and blogs.

Upon comparison both organizations appear very similar, both are written with quotes from individuals involved or have a connection with the story being written. They also are written in a very similar fashion, where the most important information is written first.

In my opinion it is difficult to pick out differences between the two. The only real detectible difference would be if you read the same story by the two different sources because the material or story is presented with a slightly different voice and the appearance of the web sites.

The first thing a reader sees on each web site is the biggest story which right now is Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast. Then below the headline and picture is photos and more stories. ABC News shows a lot of pictures on the right and latest headlines on the left. While NBC News shows more news then some pictures and videos and blow that sections to pick from for news. the NBC News web site appears more busy than the ABC News web site.

Analysis: Neighbor arrested after missing woman was found

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In the Los Angeles Times' article, "Oregon woman's body found; neighbor arrested," the author organizes the story in a manner where they address the six main questions before going into depth.

The author answers the most immediate questions first; who, what, where, when, why and how. It is important to answer these questions so that the audience can understand where the story is coming from and get a brief description on what happened. It is like a preview.

As the article continues, there are linking factors such as the correlation between the victim and the murderer. Also, more depth is provided, such as evidence, so that the preview to the story makes more sense and the puzzle pieces, sort to speak, fall together and paint a picture that the audience can interpret.

Information such as the background or specific detail are placed closer to the bottom of the story making it more vivid and easier to envision, there are not a lot of follow up questions to be asked. The very end of the article ends with quotes from the family to add an emotional appeal and get the audience to feel what the family may be going through. It is not essential to the situation itself but it hold the impact the situation had on the family and community.

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