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Thoreau = Social Outcast

Maybe Thoreau chose the woods as a place to live because he was fed up with the constraints of time and sick of the things people do to be a member of society. He was tired of all the hustle and bustle of the village and just wanted to get away from it all. By living in the woods, right along the side of nature, he was able to get away from the routine of life that people go though. He could eat, sleep, and work when ever he wanted to and nobody could tell him what to do. Maybe he wanted to find the true meaning of life and thought he could find it in nature. He might have thought that by living in nature he could get away from the routine of life; being born, getting an education, job, earn money so you can get married, have kids, and die. But did he really get away from this routine. I guess what I am trying to get at is nature is little more than a routine of life and death. Take a rabbit for example. A rabbit is born, raised to maturity by its parents, goes off on its own, finds a mate, makes babies, and finally dies. The same could be said about almost any specie that is found in nature. It’s all one big routine that cycles around and around until the end of time. And it’s not just living species that go through the cycle either. The Earth, Sun, Moon, and start go through the same cycle. It’s everywhere, there is no escaping it.
On the question of if I agree with Thoreau, I guess I do agree with some of his points. It is possible to get away from the hassles of society while living by one’s self in the woods. I’ve been on a lot of camping trips in my life. The ones where we would go out for two weeks with nothing but food, the clothes on our backs, and a few rolls of TP. They are a lot of fun. We ate when we were hungry and slept when we were tired. We never knew what time it was and did whatever we wanted. It would be a very easy way to live, but I don’t think that someone’s life would be complete by just living in the woods. I think it would take a lot more than that. Like a lot of sitting around and doing nothing but thinking. Maybe that is what Thoreau was doing. Or maybe he left town because he was a social outcast and the town folk chased him out. That’s the vibe I got after reading this in Wikipedia. Sounds to me like after he burnt down the forest and didn’t pay taxes for six years a lot of people didn’t like him. Oh well, tell me what you think.


I think the title says it all. I can't imagine ever wanting to be around that guy, provided I was alive at that point in time. He seems like such a downer. There are so many things that make life great, why try to keep it simple and miss out? And evidently keeping it simple didn't work quite as well as Thoreau had thought, because in keeping it simple he managed to write a book that contains absolutely nothing simplistic. A paradox of sorts I suppose. Maybe I'm not giving him enough credit, because camping is pretty cool. But it seems he's against technology and convenience, and I can't live long without rocking out to some good tunes, which is why I don't buy most of Thoreau's ideas.