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Dillard's Blood

After reading “Heaven and Earth in Jest� I get the feeling that Annie Dillard is really in touch with nature. She doesn’t just like nature for the beauty or because it is a peaceful place to escape. I believe she loves nature for the spiritual experiences. She doesn’t just go for a walk in the woods to get away from civilization. She actually goes out and finds a peaceful place to sit. Then she just sits there and takes the nature in and absorbs everything there is to be seen or heard. I think this is why she is such a good nature writer; it lets her describe nature in such detail.
I also think that she doesn’t see death as an ending, but as a beginning for new life. She describes this when she writes about the frog and the giant water bug. Although she is saddened by the death of the frog, she sees that the death can lead to new life for the giant water bug. She explained this situation as one of the many mysterious happenings of nature that the average persons never get to experience. Another such event she writes about is when she sees the mockingbird play a sort of game. One where it falls four stories and right before it hits the ground, spreads its wings and glides gracefully floats into the grass. It’s these experiences that she has that really let her appreciate the full beauty of nature and because of this, she despises what humans have done to modify nature. I see this when she talks about the cows and how they are nothing but walking food. She talks about how the cows are engineered products developed by humans for nothing but food and shoes and how you can’t see though to a cow’s brain because there is too much beef fat behind their eyes.
Dillard has so many experiences with nature that she feels like it is her duty to inform the world of these. She says this when she talks about how she is the arrow of the Native Americans and the blood that drips from the arrow is her book that she writes and disperses though the world.