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Gigantic Asteroid

In his speech “Environmentalism as Religion� Michael Crichton talks about the predictions that scientists have made in the past that turn out to be false. These predictions include running out of fossil fuels or natural resources and the prediction made that said half of the species on Earth will extinct by the year 2000. Obviously these predictions did not come true, but at the time they were made, the majority of the world believed them. Why did people believe this? Because it’s what they wanted to hear. Large companies always knew that burning fossil fuels is bad, but they didn’t have the motivation to do anything about it. Finally someone came along and said if humans continue with their current activities all the fossil fuel on the planet will be used up in X amount of years. Now all of a sudden everyone gets excited because the government gets involved. Now all of the large companies and corporations that have been using all the fossil fuels and polluting the environment have a little motivation to research alternative fuels and practices. That motivation is called money and it comes from the government in the form of grants. The fact of the matter is nobody in the world has any clue to how much oil is left in the Earth. All scientists can do is estimate how much is left using the knowledge they currently have and depending on how they estimate it, there is a wide range of possible answers. This same situation is true for any prediction someone makes about the future. The current prediction that everyone wants to know is how long it will be before the people of Earth are treading water because the ice caps have melted. The fact is nobody will ever know until it happens. There are so many events that can happen to even begin to make this prediction. I think people spend to much time worrying about the future than they do actually doing something about it. Who knows, maybe in ten years the Earth will be destroyed by a gigantic asteroid and all of the thing done to ensure the future will be nothing but a waste of time.

Fossil Fuels