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I get inspired by...

Overall.. the most important thing that has inspired me has been my family. I come from a very supportive family that has done anything possible so my brothers and I get everything we need to have a better life. Now a days this has became more important to me because I was gifted with a new niece, and now she need to get all of the thing we able to give her to have a better life then we did.
My parents are the most stronger pillars in my life, making me a strong female that later on will survive in any situation.

When I came to UMD, I got really involved with the Latino/Chicano Student Association as well as the International Club. The fact that I like the most is the diversity and how people may have different backgrounds but at the end we are all the same.

As in graphic design, I get inspired by nature and organic form and diversity. This is some of the examples.
Details are important to me, as well as the whole composition, I know I need more practice to develop better techniques in order to achieve my goals.

Graphic Design & I

What I really want to learn/take from of of the classes is a more professional eye to judge my own work. The projects that interest me the most are poster or anything that has to do with advertisement because thats what I would like to do after college. I want to also explore packaging. I have a background of webmaster... but its been so long that I have forgotten a lot of it, I am sure that I could get back at it if I had more time and more relation of what I am doing at the moment.

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