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April 30th

Well this one is a continuation of the night before ...

since Hiranya (my friend) had a major headache... and we were not tired at all... around 11:**(something) we decided that we wanted to do something so i figure that i had to make dinner for the next day( or later that same day)... we end up choosing to go to Super Walmart... I Don't really like walmarts just for the fact that they don't pay their labor ( clothing mainly) but anyways in way we end up going to a bar anchors bar
It was my 1st time me begin in that place after 4 years in UMD...

In the other hand.. Later today I was listening to a radio station from mexico city and they keep mentioning the part of today is the "kids day"... Oh that brings me to so many memories. Sometimes I miss my country so much ... but i sure that what i miss its the language, places, my house and the people... YES... There are so, so, so many good people... Is not as bad as what the USA government says..

But I know that I made a chose and if i had to do it all over again.. I will choose the same path that I did.

April 29

OH... last night i had the most horrifying nightmare. I didnt get that much sleep, I went to bed at 2 and by 3am i was up and stayed like that till 6, I try to get some sleep before class. But that wasn't happening.

Well, I went decided to keep up with my day so: started my Visual Narratives class at noon, the only thing I did there was transferring our film into Final Cut... It was a bit stressful because it never works the way you want it to work..
After that I went to my other class History of GD. It was a bit interesting we had an speaker, he is a cartoonist .... wait better yet ... a political cartoonist.. he's story was ok... (*they went to school don't know where, then they got a some what of break... now they are back in school***{ this if me talking out loud})

After class i come home and stayed at my friends for a while, we were waiting for my roommate to have dinner... we went shopping for food, eat... I fall sleep on my friends bed...

My friend had a headache and homework .. so we (roommate and I ) were being nice to him!
Something that I really love of our relationship is that we can do whatever that each other knowing that we have each other all the time not matter what!

April 28th

Today, well wednesdays are my busies days. I started with GD 1, Design Tech, Typography.. Yes I have only 3 classes but all of them are back to back 2 hour long classes. some time it requires a bit of more energy.
Im a bit worried that they will not give me the class that I petition. IF they do! I will be so happy ... That will shorten my staying at UMD.. And I will be done the GD program in 2 years!
I had a technical carrer of web page design and Web master at my other school and some of the classes that UMD wants me to take I had taken them. So if i could jump off interactive 1, and get into interactive 2 will help me tons... One thing that I dont like about UMD is the way they have the classes set up. Well thats why I had have so many problems getting on the BLOCK of classes every semester, well if I get the class, I will be for the 1st time in the BLOCK ... YEa in mY senior year!

Journal #2 April 27th

This has been one of the most complicating weeks ever and is not because all of the racism at UMD.. the person that was attacked in the facebook conversation is my friend.. Not because I have color in my skin It means that i agree with all of this issues... I think sometimes we make it seem worse then what it is!... I don't know Its difficult ..
After analyzing my day, looking all the thinks that are happening in the school, but overall what are happening in my life ... freedom is what im seeking today...
Freedom in every sense of the world as well as in every sense of my existence.
( well I dont have any icon yet but there is something that was what in a sense make think of these)

This is a new organization that came out after the Facebook incident.
Picture 2.png


I dont know if this is what we are trying to do but I had to do this for my History of GD...

Picture 1.png


Project 3

What I wanted to to in this project was to make a farm and make the transitions to a dying farm.
The 1st page will be full colored as the 2nd and 3rd , I want to make them less bright. For the 4th and 5th the color will turn sepia, the last one will turn b&w.

I wanted to do this because I had the idea of a picture getting old and just left it in some cabinet, unprotected. The Old pictures use to loose their color till they get all ugly . So i wanted to show some of this in my project.

Picture 2.png

Picture 4.png

Picture 5.png


Picture 1.png

Layout Chapter 1

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This is reading was very interesting and I believe that I was able to understand more now. Im working with the Golden ratio in typography 2. It was a lot confusing just to listen to a teacher talking about it, but know that I have something that i can refer to, it definitely more understanding.

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