April 28th

Today, well wednesdays are my busies days. I started with GD 1, Design Tech, Typography.. Yes I have only 3 classes but all of them are back to back 2 hour long classes. some time it requires a bit of more energy.
Im a bit worried that they will not give me the class that I petition. IF they do! I will be so happy ... That will shorten my staying at UMD.. And I will be done the GD program in 2 years!
I had a technical carrer of web page design and Web master at my other school and some of the classes that UMD wants me to take I had taken them. So if i could jump off interactive 1, and get into interactive 2 will help me tons... One thing that I dont like about UMD is the way they have the classes set up. Well thats why I had have so many problems getting on the BLOCK of classes every semester, well if I get the class, I will be for the 1st time in the BLOCK ... YEa in mY senior year!

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