April 30th

Well this one is a continuation of the night before ...

since Hiranya (my friend) had a major headache... and we were not tired at all... around 11:**(something) we decided that we wanted to do something so i figure that i had to make dinner for the next day( or later that same day)... we end up choosing to go to Super Walmart... I Don't really like walmarts just for the fact that they don't pay their labor ( clothing mainly) but anyways in way we end up going to a bar anchors bar
It was my 1st time me begin in that place after 4 years in UMD...

In the other hand.. Later today I was listening to a radio station from mexico city and they keep mentioning the part of today is the "kids day"... Oh that brings me to so many memories. Sometimes I miss my country so much ... but i sure that what i miss its the language, places, my house and the people... YES... There are so, so, so many good people... Is not as bad as what the USA government says..

But I know that I made a chose and if i had to do it all over again.. I will choose the same path that I did.

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