April 29

OH... last night i had the most horrifying nightmare. I didnt get that much sleep, I went to bed at 2 and by 3am i was up and stayed like that till 6, I try to get some sleep before class. But that wasn't happening.

Well, I went decided to keep up with my day so: started my Visual Narratives class at noon, the only thing I did there was transferring our film into Final Cut... It was a bit stressful because it never works the way you want it to work..
After that I went to my other class History of GD. It was a bit interesting we had an speaker, he is a cartoonist .... wait better yet ... a political cartoonist.. he's story was ok... (*they went to school don't know where, then they got a some what of break... now they are back in school***{ this if me talking out loud})

After class i come home and stayed at my friends for a while, we were waiting for my roommate to have dinner... we went shopping for food, eat... I fall sleep on my friends bed...

My friend had a headache and homework .. so we (roommate and I ) were being nice to him!
Something that I really love of our relationship is that we can do whatever that each other knowing that we have each other all the time not matter what!

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