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May 4

Today was a pretty layback day, I had my normal classes and went home, watch some tv, and went to bed.
Tomorrow will be my last day of classes then we have finals. I they dont seem to bad. Just have to work on my projects during the weekend to be able to have them done on time and dont stress my self too much. Dont want any migraines.

May 3rd

I didn't feel well, I was out the door to go to class and I decided that it wasn't a good Idea. So I took a nap, and eat something, Decided to upload all of my blogs. and work on HW... which is just taking too long... Im loosing the passion, and the will. I think is just because Im just over school for now.. I just want to be done. with this semester and then the next year ---- MY LAST YEAR----- Finally! I was able to do get the classes i need it, and yea ...

May 2nd

Yes after 4 years away from my parents house, I haven't learn how not to feel guilty every-time I miss someone's birthday. In this case my MOMMY's...
Happy -birthday mom...! I promise that next year I will be with you on this special day!
Also her birthday is just the beginning of the things I missing out.
My brand new niece... I got on December... I had only spend a month with her! NOT FAIR!
Like I said my moms bday, then My brothers, and how can we forget the double doze of Mother's day! I said double because Its not only the american Holiday, but then you add the Mexican one ... and You have a whole entire weekend of mother loving .. or week depending how far apart they end up being...
Mexican Mothers day ... MAY 10th
American Mothers day ... second weekend of may
sometimes it is a bit long...
Well, I talked to my dad, and my mom for a couple of hours, and went to bed relatively early...
Im not feeling well, I think I have a bug in my stomach... Its not letting me do a whole lot.. I hope I feel better tomorrow! Well, I starting to get worried because I have been in pain since last semester and I had gone to health services a couple of times and like always they are not a lot of help!

May 1st

Today I did a lots of thing, 1st I did laundry that took me a while because I went to school and yea... who would of thought that so many people will do laundry at 11 am.. Well it was packed.. it only took me like 3 hours to finish.. well I was out by 3:30 and i had to go to the mall and buy a shirt or an outfit for the asian-ology event at UMD by the APAA (Asian Pacific American Association) and i didnt want to were anything that i had at the moment.. So I only had an hour to do some shopping... I was not so happy about that .. I wanted to look for more stuff ...
Well the Show was AWESOME... I wish people out side of the Multicultural center could come to this cultural events...
After the night went on... Some friends and I decided that we were gonna go down to G'mas. We had a good night~

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