May 1st

Today I did a lots of thing, 1st I did laundry that took me a while because I went to school and yea... who would of thought that so many people will do laundry at 11 am.. Well it was packed.. it only took me like 3 hours to finish.. well I was out by 3:30 and i had to go to the mall and buy a shirt or an outfit for the asian-ology event at UMD by the APAA (Asian Pacific American Association) and i didnt want to were anything that i had at the moment.. So I only had an hour to do some shopping... I was not so happy about that .. I wanted to look for more stuff ...
Well the Show was AWESOME... I wish people out side of the Multicultural center could come to this cultural events...
After the night went on... Some friends and I decided that we were gonna go down to G'mas. We had a good night~

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