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Layout Chapter 1

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This is reading was very interesting and I believe that I was able to understand more now. Im working with the Golden ratio in typography 2. It was a lot confusing just to listen to a teacher talking about it, but know that I have something that i can refer to, it definitely more understanding.

Contemporary posters


This poster is base on the pop art era. The colors are flat and simple


I think this was a good eye opener for all of us "new designers".
what this article was trying to tell us was that the we have to be more careful of the imagery that we use, also the context of what we are using it for.
What we think in our culture is good, in other cultures is not ...

Problem Solving

I think that this reading was interesting because for us that we are studying how to become graphic designers and try to get the attention of the audience. Now a day, is more difficult to please them. The technology is one of the biggest part in our culture, and new thing are added every hour, this causes for the audience to have a higher expectation for new designs.

Color Theory

I think the color theory was more of a review, something that we have talked about in many classes. But what got my attention was the meaning of the colors. I notice that purple is one of the colors that I use the most, which is linked to latin-american culture. I do not know if this is true but it was funny to know this fact.

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