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I dont know if this is what we are trying to do but I had to do this for my History of GD...

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Project 3

What I wanted to to in this project was to make a farm and make the transitions to a dying farm.
The 1st page will be full colored as the 2nd and 3rd , I want to make them less bright. For the 4th and 5th the color will turn sepia, the last one will turn b&w.

I wanted to do this because I had the idea of a picture getting old and just left it in some cabinet, unprotected. The Old pictures use to loose their color till they get all ugly . So i wanted to show some of this in my project.

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Project Statement

In the first poster I wanted to do with this project was to incorporate in most of the language the word one in order to represent that even when we speak different languages we still one of the same kind of humans.

in the second posters I wanted to do is to show that even when we have different colors of skin we still human beings, and we are able to get along with each other.

Second Drafts

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Controversial posters

This is a website that that I found, logically right now the biggest thing is about war so


This one is pretty much trying to go back to what we were...
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I don't really know what else i want to do with this one... but I know that I want it to be about communication
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What I wanted with this one was to include all the colors and have a silhouette of a person

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The last one is about the compass

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