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Week 8: Social Networking

I absolutely loved the "Social Networking in Plain English" video clip. It made things very understandable and also, in my opinion, had a very likable, Napoleon Dynamite feel to it. This is something that I think that adults and youth alike would learn very well from. It made things much more clear and showed positive advantages to using these sites. It also made me a laugh a lot, which makes it extra fun!

Social networks are something that I have heard a lot about, but have never used myself. I think that there is some potential for using social networking for my leaders and members to get to know one another better and for them to share ideas and thoughts about the 4-H program. I also think that social networks can also help youth learn more about the computer project by experiencing learning experiences without even knowing it, and while having fun. It is a great way to make connections between individuals that may not know each real well. I am really not sure exactly what potential social networking has for my work.