by Jake Daczyk

Police reported that a man was halfway through his haircut when he slashed another man in the back.

David Davis was reportedly getting a hair cut when another man attacked him. Davis struck back with a pair of scissors putting a cut on the man's back, according to the Hartford Courant.

Davis, 21, fled the scene and was found by officers using a police dog in a nearby apartment complex, according to the New York Post.

Davis is being held on $5,000 bond.

Burnesville bus company owner killed by garage door

by Jake Daczyk

The part owner of the Burnesville bus company was killed after getting trapped under a garage door at his business.

Stephen Peterson, 51, was found by his brother who had gone looking for him, according to The Pioneer Press.

Kare 11 reported that the door did not appear to malfunction and police are treating the death as an accident.

Peterson was part owner of the Burnesville bus company which contracts with the school district for transportation services.

21 oil workers rescued in Colombia

by Jake Daczyk

Colombian troops rescued 21 of 23 captured oil workers Tuesday, who were believed to be kidnapped by leftist rebels in remote Vichada state.

The workers were kidnapped Monday around 4 p.m.

Army officials said the workers were employed by Canada-based Talisman Energy, who reported that 22 workers were kidnapped.

There is a discrepancy between the government and Talisman Energy on how many workers there were. Talisman claims only 22 workers, while the government claims there was 23, according to CNN.

The Colombian troops that found the workers were part of a jungle combat unit attached to the army's 8th Division, reported by the Los Angeles Times.

This is the first known case of kidnapped oil workers in Colombia since March 2010.

Body of missing U.S. student found in Spain

by Jake Daczyk

The body of a missing San Diego student, Austin Taylor Bice, was found by Spain authorities early Tuesday after he had been missing for a week.

Police found Bice's body in the Manzanares River which is right next to a Madrid nightclub. That was the last place the 22-year-old was last seen.

ABC News is reporting that there is no cause of death but that it appears that foul play was not included.

Bice was in Spain in a study abroad program where he studied at The University of Carlos III, according to CNN.

It was reported first that Bice was denied entrance at the night club for being too drunk but that was proven to be untrue, and that although he did have a few beers Bice decided to just leave and return to his host family by himself.

by Jake Daczyk

Graduate students from the University of Minnesota are working on redesigning the historic Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

The group of students are working on their master's degrees at the College of Design's School of Architecture, according to The Star Tribune.

The workshop is known as the "catalyst" workshop and is run at the IDS Center's Crystal Court in Minneapolis, according to The Pioneer Press. The students will present their ideas for the mall on Friday.

The purpose of this workshop is to envision the historic mall as a gathering place for the people of Minneapolis.

Analysis: Speech/meetings

by Jake Daczyk

I choose to use a press conference President Barrack Obama gave with President Calderon of Mexico.

The article written up about the press conference was very short and summed up the major points of the story. The reporter went through the entire press release and choose what they believed to be the main points and highlighted those in the story.

Report and press release

Parents arrested after throwing baby into snowbank

by Jake Daczyk

An 18-day-old baby girl was thrown into a snow bank by her 21-year-old mother during a domestic dispute Saturday morning.

The mother, Ashley Renee Couch, was arrested for child abuse and the father Deontae Thurmond were arrested on suspicion of domestic assault, reported by The Pioneer Press.

The infant was wearing only a t-shirt and a blanket in 16-degree weather. The child was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center to be treated for exposure according to The Star Tribune.

It was initially life-threatening." That temperature is generally considered to be low enough to trigger hypothermia," said Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer.

The child will be released from the hospital in protective custody after she stabilizes.

by Jake Daczyk

A western Michigan high school basketball player collapsed on the court after hitting a game winning shot and later died in hospital Thursday night.

Wes Leonard, 16, died Thursday night from a cardiac arrest due to enlarged heart, reported by Fox News.

Leonard hit the game winning shot in overtime in the teams final game of the season to keep the team undefeated and finish the season 20-0.

Doctors at the hospital worked on Leonard for an hour and 20 minutes but he was announced dead at 10:40 p.m. reported by CNN.

Memorial pages on Facebook immediately sprang up after word went out of his death.

by Jake Daczyk

A Democratic lawmaker who was trying to enter the Capital after hours was tackled by police Thursday night.

Nick Milroy, is a Democratic assembly member and was trying to enter the Capital as police were trying to escort protesters out of the Capital building, reported by CNN.

Police believed he was just another protester trying to enter the Capital and wrestled Milroy to the ground before he could get out his identification letting the police know he had access to the building after hours.

The Green Bay Gazette reported that Milroy was not harmed during the altercation and no charges

by Jake Daczyk

Soldiers backing Ivory Coast's leader mowed down women protesting his refusal to leave power Thursday, killing six.

The army has shown no restraints in shooting civilans so the women of the Ivory Coast organized a protest believeing the soldiers would be too ashamed to shoot women according to MSNBC.

Six women were killed on the spot. It is not known how many were killed following the initial round of shooting.

The Star Tribune reports that the conflict in Ivory Coast has ramped up in intensity over the past couple days as 32 people have been reported killed in a 24 hour span.

The attacks drew an immediate rebuke from the United States which sides with the protesters and wishes for Ivory Coast's leader to step down.