United States replacing color coded terror alert system

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by Jake Daczyk

The Department of Homeland Security will replace the color coded terror alert system, said a senior law maker.

Yahoo reports that the new system to be reviled will be more targeted to specific areas instead of general alert levels.

Yahoo quoted Bennie Thompson, the senior Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee as saying, "The old color-coded system taught Americans to be scared, not prepared." The new system should help citizens more than the old system.

The Washington Post quoted US officials who said that the new system would be built around two threat categories; elevated and imminent.

According to the Washing Post the old color coded system was fading in relevance as the last time the color was changed was in 2006.

1 Comment

Jake: You are doing a generally good job on the blog. Note that "Yahoo" is not a news site. The report was from Reuters, which is an international news services with reporters. Yahoo only picks up the story and runs it. Keep working at the entries.

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