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Analysis: Multimedia

by Jake Daczyk

I compared the multimedia sections of both The New York Times and Sports Illustrated. Both of these news organizations feature both video and photos for multimedia.

These features compliment news stories by giving readers a direct look at events that enhances the story because by seeing what the author is talking about, readers can better understand stories.

The writing is very short and to the point. It usually is only one or two sentences. It will describe what is going on in the photo and then expand giving you further information.

Three men injured in accidental shooting at gun show

by Jake Daczyk

Three men were injured at a gun and knife show in Bloomington when a gun was accidentally fired.

According to Central Illinois Proud, the shooting happened Saturday around 11:15 a.m.

A customer was handling a loaded weapon and one shot was fired.

The bullet struck a wooden post, then passed threw one adult and struck a second man, according to Central Illinois News Center.

The third man refused medical attention. No names were given out but it was been reported that one made is listed as critical, but stable and the other man was released from the hospital.

Vandalized Minneapolis billboard returned to original state

by Jake Daczyk

A billboard in Long Lake Minnesota was restored to its original condition Thursday after somebody spray painted clothes and the words "Brrr" nude 16th-century Venus painting.

The billboard is to advertise the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' Titian exhibit, said Kare 11.

The museum received around 10 calls complaining about the nudity but it doesn't seem the vandalism was trying to censor the image, but was an attempting to be funny.

The Star Tribune quoted MIA spokeswoman Anne-Marie Wagener saying, "We think it's funny, just leave it, don't bother replacing it."

Although the museum wanted to keep it up, the company that owned the billboard, Clear Channel Outdoor has a policy that requires them to removed ads with graffiti so they don't encourage vandalism.

Uganda's president says he will "eat" challenger

by Jake Daczyk

Uganda's president, who was just recently re-elected, said he will "eat" his challenger who is questioning the poll results and is asking citizens to protest the results.

MSNBC reported that president Yoweri Museveni said he will, "catch him like a cake and eat him." He is talking about runner up Kizza Besigye.

Besigye claims the polls were rigged and is asking citizens to protest until there is a new vote.

The San Fransisco Chronicle reported that, Museveni will jail anyone who attempts an Egypt-style protest against the election.

Besigye was jailed in 2006 after protesting his loss in the 2006 election.

Senator Harry Reid wishes to ban brothels in Nevada

by Jake Daczyk

U.S. Senate Harry Reid is looking to ban brothels from his state of Nevada.

"Nevada needs to be known as the first place for innovation and investment, not as the last place where prostitution is still legal," said Reid quoted in CNN.

Reid's suggestion was met with large silence by legislators Tuesday.

Reid believes that by allowing brothels it is harming business in the state of Nevada because companies think twice before being in an area that allows that type of business, Reid said in an article in The Huffington Post.

Reid brought up other topics of interest that drew applause from the crowd but the topic of brothels drew small applause at first then silence at the end.

Man hit and killed by light-rail train

by Jake Daczyk

A Minneapolis man was hit and killed by a light-rail train at the VA Medical Center platform Monday evening.

While The Star Tribune didn't originally release his name Kare 11 identified the man as 74-year-old George Freeman McPhail.

It is unclear how the accident happened and police are looking over video and possibly asking passengers on the train to try and figure out how the accident happened.

The train driver is also being tested for drugs and alcohol, which is a standard procedure after an accident.

Analysis: Spot and Follows

by Jake Daczyk

The story I choose was the explosions at a military base reported in Tanzania.

The leads in the story are the same for the two stories but in the second there is greater depth of information as there was more time to add more information into the story.

The second story advances the news by providing more information. For example in the second story they reported that over 4,000 civilians were displaced from their homes, information that wasn't readily available when the story broke so it wasn't placed in the first story.

Top 5 teams continue to fall as Purdue beats Ohio State

by Jake Daczyk

E'Twaun Moore scored a career-high 38 points to lead Purdue as they beat Ohio State, making it the fourth team in the top 25 to lose this week.

SI reported that Moore tied a career high with seven three-pointers and scored 13 points in the final 3:49 of the first half.

Ohio State could have all but wrapped up the conference title with a win but with the loss today they have only a one game lead with four games left to play in the season.

With the loss, Ohio State becomes the fourth top five team to lose this week. No. 1 Kansas, No. 2 Texas, and No. 4 Pittsburgh were the other teams to lose this week, reported by ESPN.

Another snow storm to blanket Minneapolis

by Jake Daczyk

A snowstorm coming into Minneapolis will blanket the city with snow yet again this Sunday.

The Pioneer Press is reporting that the storm can get up to 16 inches as the snow falls all day and night.

The snow has already caused havoc on roads as there has been 54 reported crashes between 9 a.m. and noon on Sunday.

The Star Tribune quoted Kevin Gutknecht, communications director at the Minnesota Department of Transportation, saying, ""Folks really shouldn't travel, road conditions are really poor. This is dangerous weather."

Explosion at military base kills at least 20 in Tanzania

by Jake Daczyk

A series of explosions at a military base in Tanzania killed at least 20 people and displaced 4,000 residents.

In a CNN report it was stated that the blast blew up 23 munitions deposits, a nearby school and two houses.

"The death toll might rise when we ascertain the full extent of the damage caused by the explosions," Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda said.

While the CNN reports that 20 people were killed, the MSNBC report has stated that 25 people were killed in the blast with 145 others getting injured.

The explosion also closed down the near-by international airport, causing traveling problems for people.

Massage therapist gets 11 years for groping female clients

by Jake Daczyk

A Minneapolis massage therapist was sentenced to 11 years for groping six female clients.

Lawrence Martin Valencour, 62, was convicted of six felony counts of criminal sexual conduct from incidents between August and November of 2008, according to The Star Tribune.

Valencour worked at the massage business for about eight months before he was fired.

The Pioneer Press reported that three women reported to Apple Valley that Valencour touched their breasts and genitals and put his genitals in their hands when giving them massages.

Valencour received the maximum penalty allowed by state sentencing guidelines.

Scientific evidence not enough to figure out anthrax case

by Jake Daczyk

After some scientific research there is still no definite answer to where the origins of the anthrax that killed five people in 2001 came from.

CNN reports that the FBI originally linked the anthrax to army microbiologist Bruce Ivins because the anthrax spores found in the mail attacks were similar to the ones found in Ivins flask that contained the anthrax.

But this new research can't link Ivins committing the attacks with the anthrax.

"Over 200 people had access to the anthrax that came out of that flask," said Paul Kemp, Ivins lawyer who represented him since August 2008.

Under suspension of the FBI, Ivins committed suicide in July of 2008.

MSNBC reported that the anthrax in the flask was not the identical anthrax found in the letters because it had to be changed into powder form, so whoever was behind these attacks knew what they were doing.

Analysis: Structure

by Jake Daczyk

The news article I choose to look at was the MSNBC article, "N.Y. cops arrest suspect in deadly rampage."

The reporter gives the most important information first, pretty much telling the whole story in the first four paragraphs then getting into greater detail as the story goes on.

This structure represents the "martini glass" story structure. Where all the important information is right away followed by the chronological order of information.

This is a very effective way because it gives readers what they want to know right away and they can choose to read on if they want to, but if they don't they get all the basic information of the story.

Egypt's military dissolves parliament

by Jake Daczyk

Egypt's military dissolved parliament and will run the country for the next six months or until elections are held, whichever comes first.

CNN reports that the military is suspending the constitution and will appoint a committe to create changes to it.

The people of Egypt will also be able to vote on the the new changes to see if they agree with them or not.

In an MSNBC report, it was written that after the military took control they tried to remove the protesters but were still met with resistance.

New York cops arrest suspect in deadly rampage

by Jake Daczyk

A New York man was arrested Saturday morning for being suspected of killing four people and injuring three other people.

According to MSNBC, Maksim Gelman, 23, stabbed his his stepfather, his 21-year-old girlfriend and her mother.

Police recieved two reports on stabbings within 11 hours of each other and Gelman got away by stealing a car but was later caught by the police.

AOL News reports that the police caught Gelman at the Times Square subway station in Manhattan when he stabbed a male passenger in the station.

Police said Gelman stabbed four other people during a series of carjackings during his attempted run from police. It was also reported that Gelman had 10 previous arrests, one being a drug bust that happened last week.

Man shot to death in Minneapolis home

by Jake Daczyk

A man was found in his home in Minneapolis Wednesday morning with what appeared to be wounds from a gun shot.

According to My Fox Twin Cities, police responded to the shooting at 2 a.m. Wednesday. The initial investigation showed he died of a gunshot wound but an exact cause and manner of death will be released later by the Hennepin County medical examiner.

In a report from The Star Tribune, a 24-year-old woman said she was home when the shooting occurred and that she was "good friends" with the victim of the shooting.

The victim is 19-years-old but a name was not released by the police.

House fire in Minneapolis near frozen hydrant ruled arson

by Jake Daczyk

Investigations have shown that a house fire in Minneapolis that took place near a frozen hydrant was arson.

The Star Tribune reported that firefighters fought the fire last Wednesday night and no one was hurt.

The hydrant near the house was not working and Minneapolis Water Works determined that the hydrant was frozen.

My Fox Twin Cities reported that other hydrants near the area worked. It was also reported that the hydrant had been checked three times so far this winter to make sure there was no water in it, but there are other ways water can get in and freeze, such as snow melting.

Packer fans pack stadium to celebrate team's victory

by Jake Daczyk

Green Bay Packer fans packed Lambeau Field to celebrate with the team as they brought the Lombardy Trophy back to Green Bay.

In a Sports Illustrated article it was reported that the 56,000 tickets were sold out within an hour of being up for sale on Monday morning.

The temperature was in single digits but that didn't stop Green Bay fans from arriving hours early to tailgate.

An ESPN article reported that the stadium opened up two hours before hand and when the players arrived the crowd went nuts.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the last player to speak to the crowd.

"We did it together! We brought that title home! We love you!" Rodgers said. "I tell you what, Green Bay, we're going to be right here next year doing the exact same thing!"

Analysis: Attribution

by Jake Daczyk

I choose the story from MSNBC, "German sues over alleged CIA kidnapping, torture." The story appears to use multiple sources but only a couple are named, mainly el-Marsi and his lawyers.

The sources are scattered throughout the story the information seems to be a mix from people and records. The only quoted sources are from people but there is a lot of information that doesn't seem to be sourced by anything.

The attribution's are done in a simple matter, using "said" after they give information from either el-Marsi or his lawyers. It is effective because it lets you know where the information or quote is coming from.

One dead and 11 injured in shooting at Youngstown

by Jake Daczyk

A student at Youngstown State University was killed, along with 11 others injured, six of them YSU students in an off campus shooting early Sunday.

In The Chicago Tribune it was reported that the shooting occurred just after midnight and the location could have possibly been a frat house.

On a local radio stations website, WKBN, it was reported that YSU police Chief John Gocala told the students there is no threat to those on campus. However, there has been an increase of police presence on campus to provide extra safety.

At the time the article was released there was no word on the condition of those injured or what motivated the shootings.

A German man sues CIA over alleged kidnapping

by Jake Daczyk

A German man who alleges he was kidnapped by the CIA and tortured in a secret CIA base is suing to demand official recognition of his ordeal.

Khaled el-Masri is seeking $69,000 from the government in Macedonia, reports MSNBC.

el-Masari says he was captured and tortured in a CIA base for more than four months. Then he went on a hunger strike for 27 days and was and was eventually flown back to Europe and abandoned in a mountainous area in Albania.

According to The Olympian, el-Masri filed a lawsuit against against former CIA director George Tenet but the complaint was never heard in the U.S court under the grounds it would reveal government secrets.

New Gophers coach Kill brings in 22 new recruits

by Jake Daczyk

New Gophers coach Jerry Kill signed 22 recruits for the football team despite a short period in which to recruit these players.

In The Minnesota Daily Kill said that Minnesota's mid season coaching change and recent lack of success have presented challenges for recruiting but he was still able to keep most of those who showed previous interest in the program.

Kill had this to add, "some kids want to jump in on the challenge of rebuilding and coming in with a new coaching staff. I didn't really feel that hurt us at all."

The key recruit, according to The Star Tribune was Max Shortell, a quarterback out of Kansas who led his high school team to a state championship in his junior year.

While the recruiting class looks to be decent Kill needs time to establish the direction he wants to take the program in. Tom Lemming, recruiting analyst for the CBS College Sports network said, "A coaching change is too disruptive to expect a great class right away. His 2012 class will be very important."

Private employers add 187,000 jobs in January

by Jake Daczyk

The Labor Department will release its January job numbers on Friday, but estimates show that private employers have created 187,000 new jobs last month.

The Washington Business Journal says the biggest gains came from small business, or those with 50 or less employees, adding 97,000 jobs.

It is the 12th straight month that there has been an increase in jobs among private employers.

In the MSNBC article, it was stated that the number of layoffs in U.S. firms in January rose 20 percent from previous months but the overall number was the lowest in January since 1993

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