Scientific evidence not enough to figure out anthrax case

by Jake Daczyk

After some scientific research there is still no definite answer to where the origins of the anthrax that killed five people in 2001 came from.

CNN reports that the FBI originally linked the anthrax to army microbiologist Bruce Ivins because the anthrax spores found in the mail attacks were similar to the ones found in Ivins flask that contained the anthrax.

But this new research can't link Ivins committing the attacks with the anthrax.

"Over 200 people had access to the anthrax that came out of that flask," said Paul Kemp, Ivins lawyer who represented him since August 2008.

Under suspension of the FBI, Ivins committed suicide in July of 2008.

MSNBC reported that the anthrax in the flask was not the identical anthrax found in the letters because it had to be changed into powder form, so whoever was behind these attacks knew what they were doing.

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