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21 oil workers rescued in Colombia

by Jake Daczyk

Colombian troops rescued 21 of 23 captured oil workers Tuesday, who were believed to be kidnapped by leftist rebels in remote Vichada state.

The workers were kidnapped Monday around 4 p.m.

Army officials said the workers were employed by Canada-based Talisman Energy, who reported that 22 workers were kidnapped.

There is a discrepancy between the government and Talisman Energy on how many workers there were. Talisman claims only 22 workers, while the government claims there was 23, according to CNN.

The Colombian troops that found the workers were part of a jungle combat unit attached to the army's 8th Division, reported by the Los Angeles Times.

This is the first known case of kidnapped oil workers in Colombia since March 2010.

by Jake Daczyk

Soldiers backing Ivory Coast's leader mowed down women protesting his refusal to leave power Thursday, killing six.

The army has shown no restraints in shooting civilans so the women of the Ivory Coast organized a protest believeing the soldiers would be too ashamed to shoot women according to MSNBC.

Six women were killed on the spot. It is not known how many were killed following the initial round of shooting.

The Star Tribune reports that the conflict in Ivory Coast has ramped up in intensity over the past couple days as 32 people have been reported killed in a 24 hour span.

The attacks drew an immediate rebuke from the United States which sides with the protesters and wishes for Ivory Coast's leader to step down.

Uganda's president says he will "eat" challenger

by Jake Daczyk

Uganda's president, who was just recently re-elected, said he will "eat" his challenger who is questioning the poll results and is asking citizens to protest the results.

MSNBC reported that president Yoweri Museveni said he will, "catch him like a cake and eat him." He is talking about runner up Kizza Besigye.

Besigye claims the polls were rigged and is asking citizens to protest until there is a new vote.

The San Fransisco Chronicle reported that, Museveni will jail anyone who attempts an Egypt-style protest against the election.

Besigye was jailed in 2006 after protesting his loss in the 2006 election.

Explosion at military base kills at least 20 in Tanzania

by Jake Daczyk

A series of explosions at a military base in Tanzania killed at least 20 people and displaced 4,000 residents.

In a CNN report it was stated that the blast blew up 23 munitions deposits, a nearby school and two houses.

"The death toll might rise when we ascertain the full extent of the damage caused by the explosions," Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda said.

While the CNN reports that 20 people were killed, the MSNBC report has stated that 25 people were killed in the blast with 145 others getting injured.

The explosion also closed down the near-by international airport, causing traveling problems for people.

Egypt's military dissolves parliament

by Jake Daczyk

Egypt's military dissolved parliament and will run the country for the next six months or until elections are held, whichever comes first.

CNN reports that the military is suspending the constitution and will appoint a committe to create changes to it.

The people of Egypt will also be able to vote on the the new changes to see if they agree with them or not.

In an MSNBC report, it was written that after the military took control they tried to remove the protesters but were still met with resistance.

A German man sues CIA over alleged kidnapping

by Jake Daczyk

A German man who alleges he was kidnapped by the CIA and tortured in a secret CIA base is suing to demand official recognition of his ordeal.

Khaled el-Masri is seeking $69,000 from the government in Macedonia, reports MSNBC.

el-Masari says he was captured and tortured in a CIA base for more than four months. Then he went on a hunger strike for 27 days and was and was eventually flown back to Europe and abandoned in a mountainous area in Albania.

According to The Olympian, el-Masri filed a lawsuit against against former CIA director George Tenet but the complaint was never heard in the U.S court under the grounds it would reveal government secrets.

Terrorist attack at Moscow airport kills 35

by Jake Daczyk

A terrorist bombing in Moscow's busiest airport kills 35 people and wounds 180.

CNN World reported that the blast occurred around 4:30 p.m. in the Domodedovo Airport, near the entrance of the international arrivals section.

Immediately following the bombing Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev ordered increased police presence in the airport. Security in other airports in Moscow were also increased to try and prevent another attack.

MSNBC was told that the attack was "almost certainly" the work of Chechen militants from the North Caucasus region of Russia. This group has been responsible for other terrorist attacks in Russia, including a double suicide bombing in a Moscow subway in March of 2010, that killed 40 people and wounded more than 100.

While the authorities believe they know who is responsible for the attacks, they are still working to find answers.

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