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Burnesville bus company owner killed by garage door

by Jake Daczyk

The part owner of the Burnesville bus company was killed after getting trapped under a garage door at his business.

Stephen Peterson, 51, was found by his brother who had gone looking for him, according to The Pioneer Press.

Kare 11 reported that the door did not appear to malfunction and police are treating the death as an accident.

Peterson was part owner of the Burnesville bus company which contracts with the school district for transportation services.

by Jake Daczyk

Graduate students from the University of Minnesota are working on redesigning the historic Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

The group of students are working on their master's degrees at the College of Design's School of Architecture, according to The Star Tribune.

The workshop is known as the "catalyst" workshop and is run at the IDS Center's Crystal Court in Minneapolis, according to The Pioneer Press. The students will present their ideas for the mall on Friday.

The purpose of this workshop is to envision the historic mall as a gathering place for the people of Minneapolis.

Parents arrested after throwing baby into snowbank

by Jake Daczyk

An 18-day-old baby girl was thrown into a snow bank by her 21-year-old mother during a domestic dispute Saturday morning.

The mother, Ashley Renee Couch, was arrested for child abuse and the father Deontae Thurmond were arrested on suspicion of domestic assault, reported by The Pioneer Press.

The infant was wearing only a t-shirt and a blanket in 16-degree weather. The child was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center to be treated for exposure according to The Star Tribune.

It was initially life-threatening." That temperature is generally considered to be low enough to trigger hypothermia," said Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer.

The child will be released from the hospital in protective custody after she stabilizes.

Man shoots himself in St. Anthony police parking lot

by Jake Daczyk

A California man shot himself in the chest in his SUV in the parking lot of the St. Anthony police department and was found Tuesday morning.

The man was 70-year-old Robert Hockert who was originally born in Minnesota according to The Star Tribune.

It was reported that he shot himself at 8:40 a.m. Tuesday within yards of police headquarters. He was found by a mother driving to daycare, she refused to give out her full name.

Hockert is undergoing surgery at Hennepin County Medical Center and is expected to survive, said The Pioneer Press.

It is unclear why Hockert returned to Minnesota and why he tried to commit suicide.

Vandalized Minneapolis billboard returned to original state

by Jake Daczyk

A billboard in Long Lake Minnesota was restored to its original condition Thursday after somebody spray painted clothes and the words "Brrr" nude 16th-century Venus painting.

The billboard is to advertise the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' Titian exhibit, said Kare 11.

The museum received around 10 calls complaining about the nudity but it doesn't seem the vandalism was trying to censor the image, but was an attempting to be funny.

The Star Tribune quoted MIA spokeswoman Anne-Marie Wagener saying, "We think it's funny, just leave it, don't bother replacing it."

Although the museum wanted to keep it up, the company that owned the billboard, Clear Channel Outdoor has a policy that requires them to removed ads with graffiti so they don't encourage vandalism.

Man hit and killed by light-rail train

by Jake Daczyk

A Minneapolis man was hit and killed by a light-rail train at the VA Medical Center platform Monday evening.

While The Star Tribune didn't originally release his name Kare 11 identified the man as 74-year-old George Freeman McPhail.

It is unclear how the accident happened and police are looking over video and possibly asking passengers on the train to try and figure out how the accident happened.

The train driver is also being tested for drugs and alcohol, which is a standard procedure after an accident.

Another snow storm to blanket Minneapolis

by Jake Daczyk

A snowstorm coming into Minneapolis will blanket the city with snow yet again this Sunday.

The Pioneer Press is reporting that the storm can get up to 16 inches as the snow falls all day and night.

The snow has already caused havoc on roads as there has been 54 reported crashes between 9 a.m. and noon on Sunday.

The Star Tribune quoted Kevin Gutknecht, communications director at the Minnesota Department of Transportation, saying, ""Folks really shouldn't travel, road conditions are really poor. This is dangerous weather."

Massage therapist gets 11 years for groping female clients

by Jake Daczyk

A Minneapolis massage therapist was sentenced to 11 years for groping six female clients.

Lawrence Martin Valencour, 62, was convicted of six felony counts of criminal sexual conduct from incidents between August and November of 2008, according to The Star Tribune.

Valencour worked at the massage business for about eight months before he was fired.

The Pioneer Press reported that three women reported to Apple Valley that Valencour touched their breasts and genitals and put his genitals in their hands when giving them massages.

Valencour received the maximum penalty allowed by state sentencing guidelines.

Man shot to death in Minneapolis home

by Jake Daczyk

A man was found in his home in Minneapolis Wednesday morning with what appeared to be wounds from a gun shot.

According to My Fox Twin Cities, police responded to the shooting at 2 a.m. Wednesday. The initial investigation showed he died of a gunshot wound but an exact cause and manner of death will be released later by the Hennepin County medical examiner.

In a report from The Star Tribune, a 24-year-old woman said she was home when the shooting occurred and that she was "good friends" with the victim of the shooting.

The victim is 19-years-old but a name was not released by the police.

House fire in Minneapolis near frozen hydrant ruled arson

by Jake Daczyk

Investigations have shown that a house fire in Minneapolis that took place near a frozen hydrant was arson.

The Star Tribune reported that firefighters fought the fire last Wednesday night and no one was hurt.

The hydrant near the house was not working and Minneapolis Water Works determined that the hydrant was frozen.

My Fox Twin Cities reported that other hydrants near the area worked. It was also reported that the hydrant had been checked three times so far this winter to make sure there was no water in it, but there are other ways water can get in and freeze, such as snow melting.

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