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Body of missing U.S. student found in Spain

by Jake Daczyk

The body of a missing San Diego student, Austin Taylor Bice, was found by Spain authorities early Tuesday after he had been missing for a week.

Police found Bice's body in the Manzanares River which is right next to a Madrid nightclub. That was the last place the 22-year-old was last seen.

ABC News is reporting that there is no cause of death but that it appears that foul play was not included.

Bice was in Spain in a study abroad program where he studied at The University of Carlos III, according to CNN.

It was reported first that Bice was denied entrance at the night club for being too drunk but that was proven to be untrue, and that although he did have a few beers Bice decided to just leave and return to his host family by himself.

by Jake Daczyk

A Democratic lawmaker who was trying to enter the Capital after hours was tackled by police Thursday night.

Nick Milroy, is a Democratic assembly member and was trying to enter the Capital as police were trying to escort protesters out of the Capital building, reported by CNN.

Police believed he was just another protester trying to enter the Capital and wrestled Milroy to the ground before he could get out his identification letting the police know he had access to the building after hours.

The Green Bay Gazette reported that Milroy was not harmed during the altercation and no charges

Senator Harry Reid wishes to ban brothels in Nevada

by Jake Daczyk

U.S. Senate Harry Reid is looking to ban brothels from his state of Nevada.

"Nevada needs to be known as the first place for innovation and investment, not as the last place where prostitution is still legal," said Reid quoted in CNN.

Reid's suggestion was met with large silence by legislators Tuesday.

Reid believes that by allowing brothels it is harming business in the state of Nevada because companies think twice before being in an area that allows that type of business, Reid said in an article in The Huffington Post.

Reid brought up other topics of interest that drew applause from the crowd but the topic of brothels drew small applause at first then silence at the end.

Scientific evidence not enough to figure out anthrax case

by Jake Daczyk

After some scientific research there is still no definite answer to where the origins of the anthrax that killed five people in 2001 came from.

CNN reports that the FBI originally linked the anthrax to army microbiologist Bruce Ivins because the anthrax spores found in the mail attacks were similar to the ones found in Ivins flask that contained the anthrax.

But this new research can't link Ivins committing the attacks with the anthrax.

"Over 200 people had access to the anthrax that came out of that flask," said Paul Kemp, Ivins lawyer who represented him since August 2008.

Under suspension of the FBI, Ivins committed suicide in July of 2008.

MSNBC reported that the anthrax in the flask was not the identical anthrax found in the letters because it had to be changed into powder form, so whoever was behind these attacks knew what they were doing.

New York cops arrest suspect in deadly rampage

by Jake Daczyk

A New York man was arrested Saturday morning for being suspected of killing four people and injuring three other people.

According to MSNBC, Maksim Gelman, 23, stabbed his his stepfather, his 21-year-old girlfriend and her mother.

Police recieved two reports on stabbings within 11 hours of each other and Gelman got away by stealing a car but was later caught by the police.

AOL News reports that the police caught Gelman at the Times Square subway station in Manhattan when he stabbed a male passenger in the station.

Police said Gelman stabbed four other people during a series of carjackings during his attempted run from police. It was also reported that Gelman had 10 previous arrests, one being a drug bust that happened last week.

Private employers add 187,000 jobs in January

by Jake Daczyk

The Labor Department will release its January job numbers on Friday, but estimates show that private employers have created 187,000 new jobs last month.

The Washington Business Journal says the biggest gains came from small business, or those with 50 or less employees, adding 97,000 jobs.

It is the 12th straight month that there has been an increase in jobs among private employers.

In the MSNBC article, it was stated that the number of layoffs in U.S. firms in January rose 20 percent from previous months but the overall number was the lowest in January since 1993

United States replacing color coded terror alert system

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by Jake Daczyk

The Department of Homeland Security will replace the color coded terror alert system, said a senior law maker.

Yahoo reports that the new system to be reviled will be more targeted to specific areas instead of general alert levels.

Yahoo quoted Bennie Thompson, the senior Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee as saying, "The old color-coded system taught Americans to be scared, not prepared." The new system should help citizens more than the old system.

The Washington Post quoted US officials who said that the new system would be built around two threat categories; elevated and imminent.

According to the Washing Post the old color coded system was fading in relevance as the last time the color was changed was in 2006.

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