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by Jake Daczyk

Police reported that a man was halfway through his haircut when he slashed another man in the back.

David Davis was reportedly getting a hair cut when another man attacked him. Davis struck back with a pair of scissors putting a cut on the man's back, according to the Hartford Courant.

Davis, 21, fled the scene and was found by officers using a police dog in a nearby apartment complex, according to the New York Post.

Davis is being held on $5,000 bond.

by Jake Daczyk

A western Michigan high school basketball player collapsed on the court after hitting a game winning shot and later died in hospital Thursday night.

Wes Leonard, 16, died Thursday night from a cardiac arrest due to enlarged heart, reported by Fox News.

Leonard hit the game winning shot in overtime in the teams final game of the season to keep the team undefeated and finish the season 20-0.

Doctors at the hospital worked on Leonard for an hour and 20 minutes but he was announced dead at 10:40 p.m. reported by CNN.

Memorial pages on Facebook immediately sprang up after word went out of his death.

Three men injured in accidental shooting at gun show

by Jake Daczyk

Three men were injured at a gun and knife show in Bloomington when a gun was accidentally fired.

According to Central Illinois Proud, the shooting happened Saturday around 11:15 a.m.

A customer was handling a loaded weapon and one shot was fired.

The bullet struck a wooden post, then passed threw one adult and struck a second man, according to Central Illinois News Center.

The third man refused medical attention. No names were given out but it was been reported that one made is listed as critical, but stable and the other man was released from the hospital.

Top 5 teams continue to fall as Purdue beats Ohio State

by Jake Daczyk

E'Twaun Moore scored a career-high 38 points to lead Purdue as they beat Ohio State, making it the fourth team in the top 25 to lose this week.

SI reported that Moore tied a career high with seven three-pointers and scored 13 points in the final 3:49 of the first half.

Ohio State could have all but wrapped up the conference title with a win but with the loss today they have only a one game lead with four games left to play in the season.

With the loss, Ohio State becomes the fourth top five team to lose this week. No. 1 Kansas, No. 2 Texas, and No. 4 Pittsburgh were the other teams to lose this week, reported by ESPN.

Packer fans pack stadium to celebrate team's victory

by Jake Daczyk

Green Bay Packer fans packed Lambeau Field to celebrate with the team as they brought the Lombardy Trophy back to Green Bay.

In a Sports Illustrated article it was reported that the 56,000 tickets were sold out within an hour of being up for sale on Monday morning.

The temperature was in single digits but that didn't stop Green Bay fans from arriving hours early to tailgate.

An ESPN article reported that the stadium opened up two hours before hand and when the players arrived the crowd went nuts.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the last player to speak to the crowd.

"We did it together! We brought that title home! We love you!" Rodgers said. "I tell you what, Green Bay, we're going to be right here next year doing the exact same thing!"

One dead and 11 injured in shooting at Youngstown

by Jake Daczyk

A student at Youngstown State University was killed, along with 11 others injured, six of them YSU students in an off campus shooting early Sunday.

In The Chicago Tribune it was reported that the shooting occurred just after midnight and the location could have possibly been a frat house.

On a local radio stations website, WKBN, it was reported that YSU police Chief John Gocala told the students there is no threat to those on campus. However, there has been an increase of police presence on campus to provide extra safety.

At the time the article was released there was no word on the condition of those injured or what motivated the shootings.

Russian police identify airport bomber as Caucasus man

by Jake Daczyk

The man who set off a bomb in a Russian airport, killing 35 people, was identified as a 20 year old from the North Caucasus area of Russia by the Russian Investigative Committee Saturday.

MSNBC reported that authorities will not give out the name of the man who committed the bombing, that information will wait until they know the organisation behind the bombing. The initial speculation is that this bombing was organized by Chechen insurgents.

CNN reports that the agency believes that the bomb was targeted at foreingers inside the Russian airport so it was no coincidence that the bomb was set off in the international arrivals zone.

Immediately following the bombings Russian President Dimitry Medvedev fired top airport security officials for preventing the attacks.

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