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Somali pirates want $35 million ransom for Ukrainian ship

Somali pirates captured a Ukrainian ship Saturday, carrying 21 crew members and military supplies and demanded a $35 million ransom for their return.

The Ukrainian ship was carrying 33 T-72 battle tanks, along with other military supplies heading for Kenya, the BBC News reported. The ship's crew of 21 are also being held hostage.

The Kenyan military has not yet made contact with the pirates who seized the ship, the New York Times reported.

Januna Ali Jama, one of the Pirates involved in the seizing, said they are willing to negotiate with the Kenyan government, but warned other countries not to interfere or try any rescue missions.

"We are warning France and others who are thinking of carrying out a rescue that we have the power to reach them wherever they are," he said. "We are demanding a random of at least $35 million."

A spokesperson for the Kenyan government said they do not negotiate with terrorists, but will continue to try and reclaim the ship.

The Somali waters are considered to be some of the most dangerous in the world, as this year alone, pirates have seized over 30 vessels. Each time they have requested large ransoms, and often, they have received them.