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North Korea officially off US terror list

After making a deal with the U.S. to disable all of its nuclear facilities, North Korea was removed from the terrorism sponsor list Saturday.

The Bush Administration created he deal with hopes to rescue a nuclear deal that was seemingly close to failing, the New York Times reported.

This deal came after North Korea agreed to fully disable its plutonium and other nuclear facilities and agreed to have regular U.S. inspections to ensure the process is happening.

A spokesman for North Korea's foreign ministry said North Korea was welcoming its removal from the list. "We have decided to resume the disabling of nuclear facilities in Yongbyon and to allow US and International Atomic Energy Agency monitors to carry out their work again," he said.

Recently, North Korea said it would reassemble its facilities as a result of the U.S. not acknowledging a removal from the list, BBC News reported.

This act from the U.S. has received some criticism from other countries. Japan, who referred to the decision as "extremely regrettable," is especially wary.

The U.S. however is optimistic about their decision and sees it as a step forward.