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Obama draws crowds in the thousands at campaign stops

In Missouri Saturday, Barack Obama drew crowds at campaign stops that neared 100,000.

With 17 days left before the election, Obama visited battleground state Missouri and was greeted by crowds of people in the tens of thousands, the Star Tribune reported.

His first stop was in St. Louis at the Gateway Arch where it is estimated that 100,000 people came out to here the Presidential hopeful speak. This is a U.S. campaigning record, the Wallstreet Journal reported.

Later that day, Obama traveled to Kansas City and attracted another large crowd of 75,000 people.

John McCain also traveled to battleground states Saturday, going to Virginia and North Carolina. McCain attracted a few thousand people at each stop he made, though none reached as high as Obama.

With two and a half weeks left before the election, both candidates are expected to continue to make appearances in battleground states to win over undecided voters.