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Nepalese teenager believed to be reincarnation of the Buddha

A Nepalese teenager has been drawing crowds of thousands as he meditates and blesses the people in a Nepal village, leading them to believe he is the Buddha's reincarnate.

Ram Bahadur Bamjan, 18, was first discovered three years ago meditating in the Ratanapuri village in Nepal's Bara district. It was said by village witnesses that he did not stop meditating for six months and went without food and water, the BBC News reported.

Now, Bamjan is at it again, meditating in a nearby jungle in Ratanpur, sitting under a peepal tree with his legs crossed, all imitations of Siddhartha Gautama, the original Buddha, who Buddhists believe was born in Nepal in 560 BC.

On Friday, Bamjan silently greeted the thousands of spectators and began to bless them by tapping them on their foreheads, Yahoo News reported.

Although the villagers believe Bamjan to be a reincarnation of the Buddha, Buddhist scholars say the feat is not likely.

In the Buddhist religion, becoming the Buddha means reaching enlightenment and therefore it is the highest and final level one can achieve in reincarnation. The scholars say the Buddha cannot have another reincarnation as a Buddha.