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Thai protesters occupying 2 airpots, meet with police

Thai anti-government protesters in Bangkok that occupied the city's two airports, turned to police, Sunday, to ask for help.

Thai activists are protesting for the resignation of the government, which they believe to be bringing corruption to their monarchy, the BBC News reported.

The tensions have been growing between the protesters and pro-government groups. On Saturday, a grenade attack from a pro-government group left 50 of the protesters injured, the New York Times reported.

The recent attacks against the protesters have caused them to turn to the police for help. The protesters have been in negotiations with police stemming from Saturday's attack.

"We are in a negotiation process. We want to avoid any violent confrontation. We will not use weapons," police spokesman Pongsapat Pongcharoen said.

While the talks are taking place, Thai protesters are adamant that they will not budge on their stances.