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The Minnesota senate race results keep changing... before the recount.

With a recount set to occur In what is Minnesota's closest Senate race in history, the number of votes Sen. Norm Coleman won by keep changing, before the recount has even begun.

The morning after Tuesday's election, Coleman appeared to have beat his opponent Al Franken by 725 votes, less than the half percent needed for a recount to happen, the Star Tribune reported.

As of Saturday however, Coleman's lead has skrinked to 221 votes, the Pioneer Press reported.

It is Minnesota Law that is a candidate wins by half of one percent or less of the vote, a recount will be enforced. The loser of the election had the right to call off the recount, something Franken said he would not be doing. Coleman's campaign had criticized Franken for going through with the recount, calling the recount itself "dubious" and a waste of tax dollars.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie responded to the Coleman camapaign's comments Friday after meeting with both parties to discuss the recount.

"'Dubious' would imply that county election officials are breaking the law and are dishonest people," Ritchie said. "That's not a statement that I believe this person could support with any facts, and it's the opposite of my experience."

The plan for the recount was laid out by Ritchie saying that on Nov. 18 the State Canvassing Board will approve a recount plan and by Dec. 5, the recount must be done. The board will meet Dec. 16 to discuss the results and will be done by Dec. 19.