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The Joshua Light Show

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The Joshua Light Show has been a pioneer in the production of multi-media performances. Enjoy the show on YouTube and then learn more about the artist here.

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  • The multi-media performance of the Joshua Light Show has really been a top-notch one! The amazing interpretations of how the brain interprets light and sound and their unique combination is just one of the evidences that we live in times,when everything is possible!

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    Choreography of the Moving Cell

    Thumbnail image for IMG_7095CrysFlyingsoloApr2011-300x255.jpgChoreography of the Moving Cell, a project by Carl Flink, David Odde, Eddie Oroyan, and John Bohannon, lives at the intersection of science and dance and technology. This is a creative and scientific relationship illuminating Odde's scientific research into the cell's microtubules and the catastrophic system in which they exist, using these theories as source material in the creation of a choreographic event.

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