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Spectrum of Support

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In the course of their work, the DAH Working Group reviewed a large number of organizational websites to get a sense of services and resources libraries and digital humanities centers are bringing to bear to support digital arts and digital humanities research. We found a huge spectrum of support. Many institutions provide consulting services on numerous topics, some build web-based tools and platforms for scholars, some have made strong efforts to bring digital humanities into the classroom. These examples and best practices helps us see what's possible and what has been beneficial elsewhere, and this will help us plan our own suite of services to support digital arts and digital humanities on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. DHC Characteristics 2012 c.jpeg

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Choreography of the Moving Cell

Thumbnail image for IMG_7095CrysFlyingsoloApr2011-300x255.jpgChoreography of the Moving Cell, a project by Carl Flink, David Odde, Eddie Oroyan, and John Bohannon, lives at the intersection of science and dance and technology. This is a creative and scientific relationship illuminating Odde's scientific research into the cell's microtubules and the catastrophic system in which they exist, using these theories as source material in the creation of a choreographic event.

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