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Digital Arts & Humanities Working Group 2011-2012 Report

The Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) Working Group is pleased to release their 2011-2012 report: The working group spent the last year investigating the digital arts and digital humanities communities, both at the University of Minnesota and farther afield. The working group looked at models of support, tools and...

Digital Humanities and Libraries

View imageOn October 16, Jennie Burroughs gave a presentation for the Digital Humanities 2.0 Collaborative on Digital Humanities and Libraries. The presentation summarized the work of the DAH Working Group, identified some initial pathways to support, and summarized the recommendations in the forthcoming DAH 2012 report....

Spectrum of Support

In the course of their work, the DAH Working Group reviewed a large number of organizational websites to get a sense of services and resources libraries and digital humanities centers are bringing to bear to support digital arts and digital humanities research. We found a huge spectrum of support. Many...

Potential Roles of Digital Media in the Digital Arts and Humanities

Like many of those new to the digital arts and humanities movement, I have struggled to construct my own understanding of this concept, what I might be able to offer to the conversation, and potentially, what capacity I may be able to bring to bear to improve campus support. In...

"The Changing Parameters of Humanities Librarianship"

Harriett Green, the Digital Humanities Librarian from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, visited with us on Friday, February 17, 2012.

Choreography of the Moving Cell

Thumbnail image for IMG_7095CrysFlyingsoloApr2011-300x255.jpgChoreography of the Moving Cell, a project by Carl Flink, David Odde, Eddie Oroyan, and John Bohannon, lives at the intersection of science and dance and technology. This is a creative and scientific relationship illuminating Odde's scientific research into the cell's microtubules and the catastrophic system in which they exist, using these theories as source material in the creation of a choreographic event.

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