February 17, 2005

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this is an excellent question. it seems unfair that, if a guys has several sexual partners, they are looked up to by their friends, while females can't do the same thing because they would be whores. some women are even more attracted to guys who get around - the principle that we always want what we can't have. anyone remember american pie number 1 or 2? that whole bit about men taking the number of women they have slept with and adding three when asked how many women they have slept with, and women subtracting three....maybe i didn't explain it right....at the same time, women are perfectly capable of having casual sex, although it may not make them happy. i think that there is also a lot of pressure on people in your age group to not be "tied down" to anyone too soon, that we should date around and then get married. so to answer the first question, yes. to the second question, it may go back to what scheman was saying about the question of "what are woman FOR" and "what do men DO". it's less socially acceptable for a woman to have a healthy sexuality with multipule partners. i think i'm rambling.
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WOST Project

Is there a double standard on college students and number of sexual partners? What does it mean to be a "pimp"/"whore"? Why are men praised for "high numbers" and women seen as "dirty"? What are your thoughts on this issue? Please share for our project!!!
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