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In the Star Tribune's article, "2 die after car goes through ice on Lake Minnetonka channel," the author wrote a hard news lead containing the 4 Ws:

"A man in his 30s and an elderly woman whose vehicle plunged through the ice of a channel on the east side of Lake Minnetonka have died, authorities said Sunday."

This news lead contains the What: 2 people die after their car goes through the ice, Who: a man in his 30s and an elderly woman, Where: channel on the east side Lake Minnetonka, and When: Sunday. This news lead specifies the location and what happened. This news lead gives a general description of the people involved and the time it happened. After the lead, this news story elaborates more on where the two people were from, how their car went through the ice, more specific information about where the car went through the ice and more information on a recent, similar incident.

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Great job on the blog. Feel free to do all you can to demonstrate how you read and summarize the news. It can become a nice portfolio item.

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