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Light Rail Car Pulled Into St. Paul

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A light rail car made a test run down the Central Corridor from Minneapolis to St. Paul Sunday morning, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Pioneer Press reported the train was pulled by a railcar so crews could work to verify clearance.

"The railcar moved faster than expected, making the trip in five hours instead of the estimated eight to 12 hours," the Pioneer Press reported.

The Associated Press reported the 11-mile route from Minneapolis to St. Paul will take 39 minutes, when the train is operating.

The Metropolitan Council said the light rail project is 92 percent complete, the Associated Press reported. The light rail will open to riders in 2014.

A Maine man who lived in the woods as a hermit for almost 30 years had bacon, marshmallows and $395 on him when he was arrested on charges of burglary, the Associated Press reported.

Christopher T. Knight, 47, was arrested on April 4, the Kennebec Journal reported. Known as the North Pond Hermit, he is suspected of over 1,000 burglaries.

A full list of the items on Knight at the time of his arrest are listened in a police affidavit on the Kennebec Journal.

While in jail, Knight has received a telephoned marriage proposal and a stranger's offer to bail him out, the Associated Press reported. Knight declined the offer to bail him out and remains in jail.

Police Robot Ends 7-Hour Standoff In Minneapolis

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A seven-hour standoff ended Sunday after a police robot subdued the armed suspect, who had barricaded himself in a Minneapolis residence, with a chemical irritant, police told the Star Tribune.

Eric Christopher, 29, was arrested by SWAT officers and treated at North Memorial Hospital, CBS News reported. He was booked into Hennepin County Jail on charges of false imprisonment and reckless discharge of a firearm.

Around 4:40 a.m. Sunday, a woman flagged down a squad car in north Minneapolis and told police there was a domestic disturbance in the 3500 block of Newton Avenue N, Sgt. Stephen McCarty told the Star Tribune. She said the incident involved involved two men, a woman and a child.

One man, the woman and the child were able to escape the house without incident, CBS News reported.

Police learned the remaining man inside the residence was armed, CBS News reported. Police tried to get the man to exit peacefully for several hours, but after about seven hours, police sent in a robot to subdue the suspect.

Nearby residents were told to stay away from their windows and not to leave their homes, McCarty told the Star Tribune.

CBS News reported police said the incident is still under investigation.

Three people died and five people were injured Sunday after their minivan rolled several times on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis, the Pioneer Press reported.

The crash occurred at 1:08 p.m. on westbound I-94 near the 49th Avenue Northbridge and stopped traffic for about three hours, the Pioneer Press reported.

All of the dead and injured had been in a 2000 Toyota Sienna, which was destroyed, the Star Tribune reported. Two other vehicles, a 2011 Jeep Patriot and a 2003 Honda Odyssey were moderately damaged in the crash.

The Star Tribune reported three of the victims remained in critical condition and one was in serious condition, according to North Memorial Medical Center.

A Minnesota State Patrol spokesman said all the injured are expected to survive, the Pioneer Press reported.

Exhibit Featuring Baby Animals Opens At Minnesota Zoo

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To celebrate the arrival of spring, families can see baby farm animals at the Minnesota Zoo's annual event, which debuted this weekend, CBS News reported.

Farm Babies will include chicks, piglets, lambs, calves, goat kids, bunnies and ducklings, CBS News reported.

Farm Babies runs from March 29 through April 30, according to the Minnesota Zoo.

For a complete schedule of events click here.

Click here to see a CBS News video preview of the Farm Babies event at the Minnesota Zoo.

Two high school football players from Steubenville, Ohio were found guilty Sunday of raping a 16-year-old girl, according to the Associated Press.

Trent Mays, 17, and Ma'lik Richmond, 16, were sentenced to at least one year in juvenile prison, ABC News reported. Mays was also sentenced to an additional year for photographing the underage girl naked.

Both Mays and Richmond could be held in juvenile prison until they turn 21, the Associated Press reported.

Mays and Richmond were charged with penetrating the drunken 16-year-old girl with their fingers, first in a car after a drinking party on Aug. 11, and then in the basement of a house, the Associated Press reported.

ABC News reported the victim learned of the night's events from social media, including Twitter, Instagram photos, a YouTube video, text messages and witnesses.

After the verdict, the accusor's mother read a statement that scolded Mays and Richmond for their "lack of moral code," ABC News reported. "You were your own accuser through the social media that you chose to publish your criminal conduct on. This does not define who my daughter is. She will persevere, grow and move on."

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said an investigation is underway whether coaches, parents and others students also broke the law, the Associated Press reported. He noted that 16 people refused to talk, many of them underage, and could be charged with failure to report a crime.

The Russian Bolshoi Ballet soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko said Thursday in court that he did not know that an ex-convict acquaintance was going to pour sulfuric acid on ballet company's artistic director Sergei Filin's face, according to the New York Times.

Dmitrichenko, 29, tried to shift the blame to Yuri Zarutsky, who is accused of obtaining the acid, concentrating it and throwing it in Filin's face on Jan. 17, the New York Times reported.

Moscow police said Thursday that Dmitrichenko paid Zarutsky 50,000 rubles, or about $1,600 to beat up Filin, according to the New York Times.

Zarutsky and the driver, Andrei Lipatov, were found by cellphone tracking, NBC News reported.

All three men were charged Thursday with causing serious physical harm as part of a group. The maximum sentence for this charge is 12 years, the New York Times reported.

"When a journalist called out, 'Do you want to apologize to Filin?' Dmitrichenko answered, 'For what?'," the New York Times reported.

The New York Times reported Filin, 42, is recovering from the acid attack in a clinic in Germany.

Dmitrichenko confessed Tuesday to ordering the acid attack, that nearly blinded Filin, NBC News reported.

Dmitrichenko was removed from the company's grand commission in Dec., the New York Times reported. He also disagreed with Filin over whether Filin was denying lead roles to Dmitrichenko's wife, ballerina Anzhelina Vorontsova.

Florida Sinkhole Swallows Home, Man Presumed Dead

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A sinkhole opened up under a suburban home in Florida, swallowing a man presumed to be dead, according to the Associated Press.

Jeff Bush, 37, fell into the sinkhole late Thursday night, the Associated Press reported.

The Chicago Tribune reported the sinkhole caused Bush's bedroom to collapse.

Bush's brother Jeremy Bush said he jumped into the sinkhole to try to find his brother, according to the Associated Press.

Jeremy Bush had to rescued from the hole by a sheriff's deputy, as the ground was collapsing below him, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The Associated Press reported Jeremy Bush, in tears, said, "The floor was still giving in and the dirt was still going down, but I didn't care. I wanted to save my brother. But I just couldn't do nothing."

Engineers said they may have to demolish the home, the Associated Press reported.

Watch a video of the victim's brother's talking to reporters on the scene.

Watch video featuring ABC News' description of 'how sinkholes work.'

New Vikings' Stadium Will Include Baseball Field

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The Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority signed an agreement Friday for the football stadium to accommodate a baseball field, according to the Associated Press.

The agreement followed a month-long impasse that could have delayed construction for the $975 million stadium, the Star Tribune reported.

The Minnesota Gophers and other college teams want to play games in the new stadium, the Associated Press reported.

The Star Tribune reported the new stadium will replace the Metrodome for college, high school and amateur baseball games.

The Metrodome will be torn down in early 2014, according to the Associated Press.

The Star Tribune reported the state and city of Minneapolis will pay for $498 million of the stadium's construction costs and the Vikings will pay for the remaining amount.

The Associated Press reported the facility is scheduled to open July 1, 2016.

Oscar Pistorius Disputing Murder Charge

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Oscar Pistorius denied in court Friday that he murdered his girlfriend after he was charged with the murder, according to ABC News.

In court Friday, Pistorius repeatedly sobbed and remained inconsolable throughout the hour-long hearing, according to The Guardian.

The prosecution said they will file a more serious charge of premeditated murder, according to The Guardian.

The Wall Street Journal reports Pistorius will stay in police custody until his bail hearing Tuesday.

Pistorius, 26, allegedly shot his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, 30, four times, early Thursday morning at his home in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa according to ABC News.

The New York Times reports that South African news reported the Paralympic champion and Olympic competitor accidentally shot his girlfriend because he thought she was an intruder.

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