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Killer Of Forest Officer Was Wanted For Probation Violation

The Washington Department of Corrections was already looking for an Everett man before he shot and killed a US Forest Department officer and an unidentified man on Saturday, reported The Seattle Times.
Shawn M. Roe, 36, who was killed in a police shootout Saturday night, was wanted for failing to show up to a meeting with his probation officer on Aug. 29. Roe had at least two prior convictions for domestic-related incidents.
Roe shot Kristine Fairbanks, a 20-year veteran of the agency, after she pulled him over for driving a van without license plates, reported The New York Times.
After abandoning his van in a densely wooded area, authorities believe Roe traveled on foot to a nearby house and shot an unidentified man in his 60s. Roe then stole the man's white pickup truck.
With the help of various tipsters, local authorities tracked down Roe at the Longhouse Market and Deli and attempted to apprehend him. Roe opened fire on the officers who returned fire, ultimately shooting and killing the suspect.
Authorities say Roe had been staying at the Dungeness Forks Campground in the Olympia National Forest 10 days before the killings.