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Taliban, al-Qaida Suspected in Pakistan Marriott Bombing

Officials believe Taliban militants and their al-Qaida allies are responsible for the Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing on Saturday night, which killed 53 and wounded 266 reported The Star Tribune.
“Our enemies don’t want to see democracy flourishing in the country,? said Rehman Malik, a senior Interior Ministry official. He added that the bombing was an attempt to undermine the integrity and economy of Pakistan.
Malik said the blast, already considered one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Pakistan's history, left a crater 60 feet wide and 25 feet deep, reported The New York Times. He said the bombers used more than 1,300 pounds of explosives in the attack.
Officials said the Taliban and al-Qaida might have worked together on the attack.
Mahmood Shah, a former government security chief for Pakistan's tribal areas, said while the bombing could have been a classic al-Qaida operation, the Taliban also had the means and motivation to carry out an attack of this magnitude.
Malik said Pakastani officials would carry out an investigation of the bombing but they would do so without aid from the United States. "We don’t need any help; we reject it."