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Train Crashes Near Los Angeles Killing 25

At least 25 people died Friday after their train ran a red signal, crashing head-on into a freight train, reported the New York Times.
According to a rail line spokeswoman, Denise Tyrrell, preliminary reports say an engineer failed to stop at a red signal, causing the wreck.
The accident is reportedly the nation's deadliest since 1993 when an Amtrak train crashed in Mobile, Ala., killing 47.
The Metrolink train was carrying 222 passengers as it made its way to Ventura County from Los Angeles, reports The Star Tribune.
Officials say 25 were killed, including the engineer, and 135 were injured. Officials expect the death toll to rise, however, because 40 passengers remain in critical condition.
The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the cause of the wreck. They said while human error may have been a factor in the crash, they cannot rule out equipment malfunction and track conditions as possible causes and will continue to investigate all scenarios.
A safety board member Kitty Higgins advised against snap judgments in assigning blame, citing a previous train crash in which similar accusations turned out to be false.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the scene, and responded, "the investigation, of course, continues on."