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Gore Appears At DFL Fundraiser

Former Vice President Al Gore spoke at a DFL fund raising event on Saturday on behalf of Al Franken at Northrup Auditorium on the University of Minnesota campus, reported The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The event, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party's second annual fundraiser, featured speakers from the party's major office holders, including Amy Klobuchar, reported The Star Tribune.

Gore largely worked to tie Al Franken's opponent, Norm Coleman, to the Bush administration's failed policies in hopes of boosting Franken's flagging poll numbers.

Franken, too, distanced himself from Coleman and stated his goal to end the war in Iraq. On the domestic front, Franken said he wanted to work to reform the health care system and help out the average Minnesotan.

"I know the middle class is the engine of prosperity, and I know that we all do better when we all do better," said Franken, channeling the late Paul Wellstone.

Franken went on to the tell memorable story of how Wellstone used to run along the sidelines during his son, David's, cross country meets, shouting that David could "take" his opponent. Franken used the story as a metaphor for his own campaign against Coleman.

"I'm going to take this guy," Franken said. "I need you running alongside me. I need you running alongside me for the next 31 days. I need you every step of the way. Together — together we will take this guy, and we will take back this country."