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North Korea Continues Dismantling Nuclear Program

North Korea vowed to continue dismantling its nuclear program Sunday in response to the U.S.'s symbolic gesture of removing the country from its list of terrorist sponsors, reported The New York Times.

While the U.S. still imposes economic sanctions on the communist country, the gesture and North Korea's subsequent actions are a step forward for the two countries, whose diplomatic talk has stalled over the past few months.

The two countries have plenty of issues to hash out before a solid diplomatic relationship can develop, however.

The United States would like to send inspectors into North Korea to monitor progress while North Korea would like the U.S. to remove troops from South Korea, reported The Star Tribune.

Both countries would need to make major concessions before either of those things happen, which would be unlikely without considerable discussion. Additionally, the United States and North Korea have track record for not agreeing on what they had supposedly agreed upon.

Broken promises aside, this development should have positive affects for the region. South Korea praised the breakthrough and cited its vested interest in North Korea shutting down its nuclear program. Additionally, while still concerned about North Korea's new found legitimacy as a country, Japan looks forward to further meetings with North Korea in their "six-party" talks.