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From Opponent to Ally, Clinton Obama's Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama's opponent in the Democratic primaries, accepted the president-elect's offer on Friday to become his Secretary of State, giving up her Senate seat to do so, reported The New York Times.

After a particularly fierce battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama's choice of Clinton to such a powerful position in his cabinet is rather odd. Obama often criticized Clinton for her vote to send US troops into Iraq and yet appointed her the voice of his administration's foreign policy efforts, reported The Star Tribune.

With Hillary, comes Bill, who will no doubt insert his opinion into the debate. This also seems to run contrary to Obama's desire to avoid a sideshow, focusing instead on presenting the issues simply and clearly.

Obama, however, is sticking with Clinton, calling her on Thursday to discuss the logistics of her position. The phone call, Clinton aides said, helped Clinton make the decision to step down from her Senate seat into Obama's administration.

While many applaud Obama for putting aside the bitterness of the primary campaign, others are disappointed in his choice, saying Clinton is powerful enough in her own right to undermine Obama's authority.

While the decision will not be finalized until after Thanksgiving, both parties are working to frame Clinton's position in Obama's administration, given her status as a political heavyweight.

"Hillary Clinton is a demonstrably able, tough, brilliant person who can help ... advance the interests of this administration and this country," Obama strategist David Axelrod said Sunday in an interview on "Fox News Sunday."