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Judge Issues Order for Wiretapping Documents

A federal judge ordered the Justice Department to release memorandums citing the legality of the Bush Administration's post-9/11wiretapping policy, which included taps without warrants, reported the Washington Post.

Washington Federal District Court Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. required the documents be released by Nov. 17, saying he will review the information and determine if any information can be legally released to the public, reported The New York Times.

The order stemmed from a lawsuit filed by civil liberties groups in 2005 questioning the legality of Bush's order to allow the National Security Agency to listen in on calls between terrorism suspects and U.S. civilians without first obtaining a permit.

The department argued the memorandums are protected because of an attorney-client privilege, an assertion Kennedy deemed "too vague."

"The attorney-client privilege is not necessarily the means for protecting this information," the order said. "Without more information, the court cannot conclude that the attorney-client privilege applies."