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Pirates Continue Control of Somali Waters

Despite efforts from a German military helicopter, Somali pirates hijacked another ship off the Gulf of Aden on Friday, reported the New York Times.

Even with trained security personnel on board the ship, pirates were able to capture a Liberian chemical tanker using small boats and daring tactics, seizing the ship before German forces arrived on the scene.

Pirates in the area are also responsible for capturing a Saudi oil tanker carrying $100 million in cargo a month ago. They also captured a Ukrainian vessel carrying 33 tanks and other weapons in September.

Negotiations are in progress for the release of both ships, reported BBC News.

A pirate spokesman said it would only be "a matter of time" before the Ukrainian vessel would be released, adding that a payment amount for the ship was agreed upon.

Pirates continue to hold over a dozen ships in a secluded bay near Somalia, controlling waters near the Gulf of Aden.