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Ramsey County Denies Coleman Request to Stop Absentee Ballot Count

A Ramsey County judge denied requests from Norm Coleman's lawyers to discredit 32 unopened absentee ballots that the Coleman campaign said were in a city election official's car, reported The Pioneer Press.

In one of the tightest, and nastiest, Senate races in the country, and with a vote margin of 221 votes, 32 absentee ballots could have a huge impact on the election.

According to Election Director Cindy Reichert, the ballots could not be delivered to their designated polling place because it had closed for the day. Instead they remained sealed and were not to be opened until other election duties were complete, reported The Star Tribune.

The Franken campaign called Coleman's abrupt legal action a "Saturday morning sneak attack," and derided him for trying to stall a state-mandated recount.

Both campaigns will wait until Nov. 18 for state officials to certify the results. After that, a hand recount of all ballots will begin, meaning the election may not be decided until mid-December.