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Space Shuttle Endeavour Forced To Land In California

Bad weather in Florida forced the space shuttle Endeavour to land at Edwards Air Force Base in California, wrapping up a 16-day mission at the International Space Station, reported the Star Tribune.

Low clouds and high crosswinds forced the flight director, Bryan Lunney, to direct Endeavour to land in California instead of at the Kennedy Space Center where friends and family members of the seven-member crew were waiting.

The 6.6 million-mile voyage lasting 16 days brought the space station over eight tons of equipment and supplies including a new water-recycling system, which the astronauts tested on board, reported the New York Times.

The water-recycling system is part of NASA's plan to increase the crew size aboard the space station from three to six next May.

Additionally, two astronauts carried out four spacewalks to repair the space station's exterior and lubricate rotary mechanisms.